Tuesday, July 7, 2009


As you all know STAPLES is an office chain of stores like Rymans. Actually do we have 'em in the UK? I think there are a few...anyway Kev applied and got a free ticket...so he was very excited and I dropped him downtown at the stadium.
He said he got a free Staples Office Furniture Catalogue when he walked in tucked inside his memorial brochure so that got him even more excited. He said hello to Larry King who really didn't know where he was he, he thought Kev was from Fraggle Rock bless him...he should retire he must be at least 96!
While Kev was in the Staples Centre I went in search of some decent music at me fave record shop on Highland. Bought The National, The Dodo's and The Antler's.
Picked Kev up after the do and he was very pleased with himself, he was given a free Staples Office Wall Chart Planner as he left the venue. When he got back to the Ratcave he was in tears bless him, I said "Ohhhh are ya all emotional after all them touchin' tributes to Michael?" He said "No the wall planner's got 2008 on it!" He'd just realised it was last years!!! So no use...never mind it was nice of 'em to give 'em away, l said we could use it to catch oil drippin' from the RATMOBILE...now that would be useful!!! So it was worth Kev going to the Jacko Memorial service after all cus thanks to Michael we now have an improvised oil drip tray for the RATMOBILE yeahhhhhhh!

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  1. great blog Roland I only watched snippets of it......could'nt watch all of it coz it clashed with coronation street....lol......