Monday, July 6, 2009

4th July Fireworks in Hollywood....

Fab firework displays all over The City of Angels this year.
Kev and I were talkin' about 'Bonfire Night' back home and what a strange tradition that is! Why on earth we feel the need to celebrate every year the fact we stopped some nutter blowing up the Houses of Parliament is quite beyond me.
Mention this strange British tradition to Americans and they can't understand why we should bother and I have to agree. We should change it to somethin' sensible like celebrating our country..... oooh no too patriotic innit, we can't be seen to celebrate being British now can we !!
Switzerland has a special day every year where they celebrate being Swiss and borin', that's whot we need to do celebrate once a year and then we can all get kaylied!!
Americans have a deep respect for their flag whot happened in the UK with ours? We are almost embarrassed by it now cus it has other connotations don't it?
As long as every country around the globe has an excuse to let a few very expensive fireworks off once a year that's fine by me.... I like a nice spectacle, and I certainly provided one last night as Kev had me carried out to our chauffeur driven limo I was shoutin' "GOD BLESS AMERICA..RAT COCKTAILS ALL ROUND" at the top of me voice, three sheets to wind I was after our wonderful July 4th revelry YEAHHHHH!

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