Monday, January 17, 2011


As usual ratfans I was forced to attend the Golden Globes last night, the champagne flowed and I got slightly slewed as usual! Even so Ricky's routine seemed to be flat this year even after a few drinks and stuffin' me face with the free chocs on the table... a bit extreme maybe for the American patrons? I larfed me head off but very few other stars did.
The after party was good even though my old flame Fox was there with her borin' new husband which was a bit embarrassing! But old Mulligan made up for that, her hands were all over me yeahhhh!
BAFTA'S next and I have forced meeself to watch hundreds of borin' screeners just so I know what I'm voting for!! After that it's the Oscars of course which I will attend again this year yeahhhh!
Gotta try and write these blogs a bit more frequently as the last one was dated 2009 ....pathetic innit!
2011 is goin' to be a fab year we are busy editing ROLAND GOES EAST so more DVD's to come ratfans yeahhhh!