Friday, July 3, 2009

RATNEWS ...First RATBLOG Friday 3rd July 2009 L.A.

Yes at last ratfans that multi talented rodent sex machine has finally put his furry paw to the keyboard and created a blog YEAHHHHHHHHHH!
Here in Hollywood we are gettin' ready for the big celebrations for JULY4TH Independance Day, of course Kev, Errol and I ain't got nuthin' to celebrate cus we gave into them pushy Yanks after bringing culture to these shores. What thanks do we get ? Nuthin' just sent packin' we were!!!
So July4th is more of a wake to me and I shall be remindin' as many Yanks as I can that we gave into them so they should think themselves lucky.
Just think if we hadn't been booted out McDonalds wouldn't have happened and there would probably be chains of Wimpy's everywhere yeahhhh! American police would carry wooden sticks instead of guns!
Immigration would have to respect us instead of tryin' to stick me in quarantine every time I leave the country, then I wouldn't need to enter America thru them Mexican tunnels at the border anymore!!!
Anyway I'm off to buy a few illegal Mexican fireworks..... light the touch paper preferably wearin' a tin helmet YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!


  1. yeeahhhh,you tell them rol,they dont no a good thing when they see it.keep up the good work your still the tops in the uk.

  2. Thanx Kevin you're the first to join this RATBLOG l'll sign something for ya! LUV ROL xxx

  3. Jon ya came in 2nd..not bad though ya Number 1 fan you!!!

  4. Am I the first to spot you put June and not July??

    Do I get a cookie?

    Cazmanser (on twitter and facebook)

  5. Am I the first to spot it's been changed yeahhhh?!